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League History

NUFC Season Statistics Pocket guide to Newcastle's competitive history with links to all season related articles

The United Rollercoaster United's League history charted from our first season in the Football League up to the present day with four championships, four relegations and five promotions.

Season Reviews

The 1890s

Season Summaries 1890s - Summaries of all the seasons in United's first decade as they clamber into the top division

Season Review 1893/94 - In 1893/94 Newcastle United took their first faltering steps into the Football League. The odds were stacked against them but they managed to finished fourth; just outside the play-off places. This set of articles provides a comprehensive review of that historic first season.

The 1900s

Season Summaries 1900s - United become the greatest team in the land winning the Championship three times and appearing in four FA Cup Finals although they lost three of them.

The Twenties

Champion Seasons - 1926/27 diary Newcastle's last Championship season was 1926/27 when Gallagher led us to glory. Hughie scored 36 league goals as United scored 96 (second highest total ever). The attendance record was also beaten as 67,211 turned up for the Tyne Wear Derby.

The Forties

Seasons - 1945/46-1949/50 In the immediate post war years United rocketed back into the big time on the back of booming attendances and record incursions into the transfer market. But matters were far from straightforward on Tyneside as many players were becoming increasingly unhappy with their pay and conditions

You Won't be Satisfied [1946/47] When the League resumed after the war United were hot favourites to regain their top flight status at the first attempt. With a squad flowing over with talent and pockets full of cash they were the Chelski of the day. They finished ten points short; what could have gone wrong?

The Fifties

Seasons - 1950/51-1954/55 The early fifties proved to be United's last great period of glory and the side was one of the greatest in the club's history. Three FA Cup victories and two championship chasing seasons had the fans flocking to SJP. However they still went through three managers and managed to upset many of their star players.

Seasons - 1955/56-1959/60 As Rock and Roll arrived, United's man of stone - Brennan - was being pushed out. It was the start of a chaotic period where there more scraps in the boardroom than there were on the terraces. But controversial young manager Charlie Mitten was willing to take the job which "scared the pants" off most sane individuals

The Sixties

Swinging Sixties - During the sixties United's fortunes swung like a pendulum do. With disastrous relegation followed by Joe Harvey returning to lead the side back into the First and then to Fairs Cup glory. All the seasons are summarised here along with classic action pictures from Football Monthly

We Can Work it Out Newcastle's return to the First Division in 1965/66 proved to be one long hard slog as Harvey's men struggled to prevent an immediate return. Salvation came in the unlikely guise of a prematurely balding inside-forward from Sheffield

Gimme Gimme Some Winning - 1966-67 - Near relegation, a record signing, sale of a crowd favourite, rioting fans, pitch invasions, open warfare between the club and the council and a testimonial to a true great. Just another tedious season on Tyneside

The Seventies

HarrySeasons in the Seventies A decade that started with great optimism and occasionally took us to the NUtopia we all dream of ended up with us as far away from the promised land as could be imagined. Harvey's dream died at Wembley in '74 and he was hounded out and replaced by the unearthlee Gordon and that's when things really got hellish.

HarryGet Carter - 1970-71 - The Brazilians have lifted our lives with their Samba Soccer during the Mexico World Cup. Harry Palmer is on his way to a grim and violent Tyneside to exact his bloody revenge. Which of these would the Toon's season mirror?

And now Tudor's gone down .... Words of John Motson that trigger painful memories in all those United supporters who've heard them and lets face it who hasn't. Toonarama takes you to 1971/72 when pants were hot, heels were high and the Nightmare on Edgar Street was just beginning.

Cum on Feel the Noize Get out your chopper, put on Wolverhampton's finest and ride on down to 1972. Soccer is in crisis and the authorities haven't got a clue what to do. Thinks are generally looking up at SJP, but it's a Black September for Tony Green.

Teenage Lament '74 United and their fans make the front and back page headlines. Praise turns to pillory as the United players become involved in the Battle of Birmingham and the United fans invade SJP to overthrow the sheriffs of Nottingham.

You Aint seen Nothing Yet - 1974/75 Clockwork Orange fans at Roker Park, Micky Burns his bridges, Malcolm pulls his socks up, Joe is jettisoned, Gordon arrives and the players are put to the sword. The question is could Frank Clark's new image save him from the chop. All is revealed in our review of the 1974/75 season.

Doontoon Bottom Ranking As Peter and The Test Tube Babies later informed us: in 1977 Elvis met his fate, but he could not get into heaven cos he couldn't fit through the gate. A club on Toonside was also suffering a terrible demise

Road to Ruin - Season 1978/79 Despite the catastrophic fall from grace in the previous season hopes were high on Tyneside that United could bounce straight back. However McGarry's revamped side failed to gel and the supporters turned away in droves as attendance hit record lows.

The Eighties

The Eighties Season Summaries- A decade which started with the most boring season in our history and was then transformed by a genuine Brut splashing, song singing World superstar before imploding once again following directorial mismanagement on a grand scale. It was a master class in how not to run a football club.

Bill MugarryPlease Give Us A Goal - 1980/81 The next time you become fidgety if the side has not scored within the last 30 minutes spare a thought for those that suffered the most boring season ever. Now you too can endure the purgatory of 1980/81 including a spell of almost 500 minutes without a goal.

HarryGoing Up - 1983/84 Twenty Years ago Keegan, Beardsley and Waddle ripped opposition defences apart as The Toon stormed out of the 2nd Division in a welter of goals in front of full houses. Well something like that anyway.

Season 1985-86 - With Charlton crying off and Chrissy waddling away many critics thought that United were relegation certainties. But Beardsley's brilliance, Gazza's blossoming genius and Roeder's dance repertoire kept united on the straight and narrow. But catastrophic events happened elswhere which would eventually change the face of football.

In God We Trust - 1986-87 - A lack of transfer activity in the summer followed by a disastrous start to the season had the fans chanting "sack the board", but the arrival of Andy Thomas, Peter Jackson and most importantly Paul Goddard turned the season around and saved United from the drop