Toonarama - The Management

Time Unbound

The Mercy Seat In 1930 Newcastle appointed their first manager; a headstrong Scotsman called Andy Cunningham. The Champions of 1926/27 having turned into a disorganised rabble. Seventy four years later United appointed their latest manager, a headstrong Scotsman.... Inbetween nineteen others have tried to get confortable in the hottest seat in Toon.

I'm Off - The Art of Resigning - There are many ways a manager can choose to resign from sneaking out (like Keegan) to delivering an oscar like thank you speech (like Gullit) We give all the resigners another chance to have their say.

The PODHottest Seat in Toon - Twenty two managers have taken their place in one of the hottest seats in football, but which manager has had the most success? Our detailed and updated statistical analysis explodes the myths and reveals the truth!

The Seventies

Is Gordon a Moron? Gordon Lee; a man ahead of his time or a man whose time had passed. Toonarama reveals the amazing secrets behind the reign of the man that they loved to hate.

A DickThe Rise and Fall of Richard Dinnis - The Rise - Witness the dramatic rise of Richard (Dickie) Dinnis the manager/teacher who went from ball-boy to manager in a matter of months

Another DickThe Rise and Fall of Richard Dinnis - The Fall Witness the calamitous fall of Richard (Dickie) Dinnis the manager/teacher who ultimately lost control of his class

The Eighties

Little JackGone Fishing - Jackie Charlton Profile - Big Jack (Charlton) achieved success in Smogland and the Steel City and he would later achieve near sainthood amongst the Guinness drinkers; but he resigned after only one year in charge at Newcastle. Was he the sinner or was he sinned against?

The Nineties and Beyond

Bionic Bobby Now here's a real treat. United's septuagenarian manager has provided Toonarama with an exclusive insight into how he keeps so fit. He takes a bit of time to get going, but when he does...well you just have to stand back and admire!