NUFC History - 1980s

Season Summaries

The Eighties Season Summaries- A decade which started with the most boring season in our history and was then transformed by a genuine Brut splashing, song singing World superstar before imploding once again following directorial mismanagement on a grand scale. It was a master class in how not to run a football club.

Season Reviews

Bill MugarryPlease Give Us A Goal - 1980/81 The next time you become fidgety if the side has not scored within the last 30 minutes spare a thought for those that suffered the most boring season ever. Now you too can endure the purgatory of 1980/81 including a spell of almost 500 minutes without a goal.

HarryGoing Up - 1983/84 Twenty Years ago Keegan, Beardsley and Waddle ripped opposition defences apart as The Toon stormed out of the 2nd Division in a welter of goals in front of full houses. Well something like that anyway.

Season 1985-86 - With Charlton crying off and Chrissy waddling away many critics thought that United were relegation certainties. But Beardsley's brilliance, Gazza's blossoming genius and Roeder's dance repertoire kept united on the straight and narrow. But catastrophic events happened elswhere which would eventually change the face of football.

In God We Trust - 1986-87 - A lack of transfer activity in the summer followed by a disastrous start to the season had the fans chanting "sack the board", but the arrival of Andy Thomas, Peter Jackson and most importantly Paul Goddard turned the season around and saved United from the drop

The Management

Little JackGone Fishing - Jackie Charlton Profile - Big Jack (Charlton) achieved success in Smogland and the Steel City and he would later achieve near sainthood amongst the Guinness drinkers; but he resigned after only one year in charge at Newcastle. Was he the sinner or was he sinned against?

The Players

We've Got Mirandinha When United signed Mirandinha from Palmeiras they broke new ground by becoming the first British club to sign a Brazilian. It was a risky signing; had the club signed a Samba Superstar or had they been Fumaca'd.

Big hair and tight strips - Eighties penpics Penpics of the all the players who played for United in the eighties. A story of mullets, curly perms and unfeasibly tight strips. It

The Squads